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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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 √ Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1600-1699"Back I went by Mr. Downing's order, and stayed there til 12 o'clock in expectation of one to come to read some writings, but he came not, so I stayed all alone reading t...Samuel Pepys Dutch Ambassador[a speech]Manuscript: Letter
1600-1699"Here Swan showed us a ballat to the tune of Mardike, which was the most incomparably writ in a printed hand; which I borrowed, but the song proved silly and so I did not...Samuel Pepys [ballad]Manuscript: Sheet
1600-1699"This morning my Lord showed me the King's declaration and his letter to the two Generalls to be communicated to the fleet. The contents of the letter are his offer of gr...Samuel Pepys Declaration of BredaPrint: Broadsheet, Handbill
1600-1699''and so home; and they home, and I to read with satisfaction in my book of Turky and so to bed.'Samuel Pepys Paul RycaultThe present state of the Ottoman empirePrint: Book
1600-1699'...and back to Pauls churchyard, where I stayed reading in Fullers history of the Church of England an hour or two...'Samuel Pepys Thomas FullerThe church-history of BritainPrint: Book
1600-1699'...and so took boat again and got to London before them. All the way, coming and going, reading in "The Wallflower" with great pleasure.'Samuel Pepys Thomas BaylyHerba Parietis or The wall-flower, as it grew out ...Print: Book
1600-1699'...and with them to Marshes at Whitehall to drink, and stayed there a pretty while reading a pamphlet, well-writ and directed to Generall Monke in praise of the form of ...Samuel Pepys Roger L'Estrange [? probably]A plea for limited monarchy, as it was established...Print: Pamphlet
1600-1699'...which makes me remember my father Osborne's rule for a gentleman, to spare in all things rather than in that.'Samuel Pepys Francis OsborneAdvice to a sonPrint: Book
1600-1699'After a little discourse with him, I took coach and home, calling upon my booksellers for two books, Rushworths and Scobells "collecions" - I shall make the King pay for...Samuel Pepys John RushworthHistorical CollectionsPrint: Book
1600-1699'After dinner away home, Mr Brisband along with me as far as the Temple; and there looked upon a new book, set out by one Rycault, secretary to my Lord Winchelsea, of the...Samuel Pepys Paul RycaultThe present state of the Ottoman Empire By Paul Ry...Print: Book
1600-1699'After dinner by coach as far as the Temple and there saw a new book in Folio of all that suffered for the King in the late times - which I will buy; it seems well writ.'Samuel Pepys David LloydMemories of the lives ... of those noble ... perso...Manuscript: Unknown
1600-1699'After dinner by water, the day being mighty pleasant and the tide serving finely - I up (reading in Boyles book of Colours) as high as Barne Elmes'Samuel Pepys Robert BoyleExperiments and considerations touching coloursPrint: Book
1600-1699'after dinner I and my boy down by water to Redriffe; and thence walked to Mr Evelin's, where I walked in his garden till he came from church, with great pleasure reading...Samuel Pepys Sir Thomas RidleyA view of the civile and ecclesiasticall lawPrint: Book
1600-1699'After dinner I down to Woolwich with a galley, and then to Deptford and so home, all the way reading Sir J Suck[l]ings "Aglaura", which methinks is but a mean play - not...Samuel Pepys Sir John SucklingsAglauraPrint: Book
1600-1699'After dinner, to my chamber and made an end of Dr Powre's book of the Microscope, very fine and to my content'Samuel Pepys Henry PowerExperimental philosophy...containing new experimen...Print: Book
1600-1699'After dinner, up to my wife again, who is in great pain still with her tooth and cheek; and there, they gone, I spent most of the afternoon and night reading and talking...Samuel Pepys [unknown][unknown]Print: Book
1600-1699'After he was gone, I fell a-reading "Cornelianum Dolium" till 11 a-clock at night, with great pleasure; and after that to bed.'Samuel Pepys Thomas RandolphCornelianum DoliumPrint: Book
1600-1699'After supper I up to read a little, and then to bed.'Samuel Pepys [unknown][unknown]Print: Book
1600-1699'After supper, I to read and then to bed.'Samuel Pepys [unknown][unknown]Print: Book
1600-1699'After that home and to bed - reading myself asleep while the wench sat mending my breeches by my bedside.'Samuel Pepys [unknown][unknown]Print: Unknown

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