‘Design Thinking’ identified as one of the top trends in education

The Innovating Pedagogy 2016 Innovating-Pedagogy-cover2016report from The Open University has just been released (01 December 2016) highlighting ten trends to impact education over the next decade. One of the top three is Design Thinking, and RE:FORM is mentioned as an example. Plus the report uses an image from one of the RE:FORM making workshops as its cover image! Thanks to the MAKLab team for giving permission to use this. 

The pedagogies highlighted range from ones already being tested in classrooms, such as learning through video games, to ideas for the future, like adapting blockchain technology for trading educational reputation. The report also presents evidence to help inform decisions about which pedagogies to adopt.

The ten trends are:
Learning through social media: Using social media to offer long-term learning opportunities
Productive failure: Drawing on experience to gain deeper understanding
Teachback: Learning by explaining what we have been taught
Design thinking: Applying design methods in order to solve problems
Learning from the crowd: Using the public as a source of knowledge and opinion
Learning through video games: Making learning fun, interactive and stimulating
Formative analytics: Developing analytics that help learners to reflect and improve
Learning for the future: Preparing students for work and life in an unpredictable future
Translanguaging: Enriching learning through the use of multiple languages
Blockchain for learning: Storing, validating and trading educational reputation

This year, the report has been written in collaboration with the Learning Sciences Lab, National Institute of Education, Singapore.

For further information, contact: mike.sharples@open.ac.uk

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