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Dr Beatriz de los Arcos

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Profile summary

  • Research Staff
  • Research Associate
  • Institute of Educational Technology
  • IET Academic Team

Professional biography

I'm a researcher on the Hewlett-funded OER Research Hub Project investigating the impact of openness in teaching and learning practices. I'm currently leading research in the school sector (K12), working together with the Flipped Learning Network and Vital Signs, Gulf of Maine Research Institute. I'm also responsible for overseeing the project’s data analysis and evaluation work.

Since early 2015, I've been involved in the research strand of the Open Educational Practices in Scotland (OEPS) Project.

Research interests

These are some of the collaborations/projects I've played a part in:

Open Translation (OT12) MOOC 

OT12 is a Massive Open Online Course on open translation tools and practices, set up and run during 8 weeks by the Department of Languages (OU).

eFeedback Evaluation Project (eFEP)

A JISC-funded project to evaluate the use of spoken and written e-feedback in the area of modern languages at the Open University, looking at the quality of feedback itself, staff and student perceptions, and student engagement.

SCORE Microsites Project (SCOREMS)

The SCOREMS Project was funded by HEFCE through SCORE to create two portals to open educational resources in collaboration with the Universities of Leicester, Nottingham and Manchester. Ready to Research ( contains approximately 200 hours of self-study materials for individuals planning on coming to the UK to undertake postgraduate studies. Digital Scholarship ( is aimed at undergraduate students seeking to enhance their capacity to engage in digital scholarship.

Support Centre for Open Resources in Education (SCORE)

Languages Open Resources Online (LORO)

LORO is a repository of open educational resources for language teaching and learning.

Informal Language Learning with Mobile Devices

Researching collaborative learning through interactive writing tasks

Teaching interests

I joined the Open University as an Associate Lecturer in Spanish in 2000 and have taught on all Spanish modules, both face-to-face and online. I have also contributed to the production of L194, L140 and L204 as a consultant, and authored assessment materials. I have been a monitor, mentor, oral examiner and scriptmarker.

Before coming to the UK to complete my PhD, I lectured in Spanish at the National University of Ireland, Galway (1993-1998 and 2004-2005) and the Instituto Cervantes in Dublin (2000-2004).

Research Activity

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Computers and Learning Research Group (CALRG)GroupInstitute of Educational Technology
CREET: Technology Enhanced Learning ClusterClusterInstitute of Educational Technology


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OER Research Hub