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Learning Analytics

Learning analytics involves the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of ‘big data’ related to learners and their contexts, with the intention of providing actionable intelligence that supports teaching and learning. At The Open University, there is increased recognition that “smart-and-pedagogically-informed” learning analytics are urgently needed to solve the student-retention problem. In the medium-longer term, we envision a need to provide evidence-based research for and practice-based solutions of personalised, bespoke learning, support and feedback to our students to remain competitive in the global market of education.

Before 2018, we aim to become a world leading centre of learning analytics research, whereby state-of-the-art evidence-based research leads to advancements of the learning analytics field, transformed into successful methods, approaches and commercial products. Furthermore, we need to ensure that research is effectively translated into cost-effective transformations of the core OU business programme. By developing micro-level experiments in the Jennie Lee Research Laboratories and meso-level interventions within the core business model (e.g., Student Experience Project PVC LT) together with the two other research programmes within IET (Innovative Pedagogy, Learning in an open world), we aim to become the leading centre of excellence in learning analytics as recognised by REF 2020.

Current projects:

Complete projects:

  • LAEP - The implications and opportunities of learning analytics for European educational policy
  • LACE
  • QAA

Research team in learning analytics

Currently, the team of researchers involved in research portfolio learning analytics are:

Dr Bart Rienties (Programme director learning analytics)

Dr Aida Azadegan

Dr Doug Clow

Dr Simon Cross

Dr Rebecca Ferguson

Prof John Richardson

Prof Denise Whitelock

Dr Thomas Ullman

Dr Jekaterina Rogaten

PhD Students

Shi-Min Chua

Garron Hillaire

Jenna Mittelmeier

Quan Nguyen

Duygu Simsek


Simon Knight

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