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Project website/blog  (Note: Still in development)

What research questions the project addresses, aims & themes

The EU-funded project tackles the European challenge of enabling businesses, labour force and universities to increase their activities and exploitation (economies of scale) of the MOOC potential. It focuses on workforce and HEI-training and the acquisition of labour market key competences through applying new methodologies for online teaching and learning. This will be achieved by creating common standards and frameworks on MOOCs by integrating the experiences from Higher Education and the business world.

How the research questions are addressed by the project (methodology and activity/environment)

The consortium spans 11 countries and consists of 11 full partners and three associate partners from HEIs and Industry, NGOs and networks. Jointly they will establish of a common body of knowledge on MOOCs; identify needs, gaps and reasons for businesses, labour force and HEIs to boost their MOOC activities which will result in guidelines, recommendations and good practice published in an interactive, open access MOOC BOOK.

Based on this, three Pilot MOOCs focusing on LLL and business key competences “learning to learn (through MOOCs)”, “sense of initiative (entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship)” and “innovation, creativity & problem-solving” will be developed to test different methods and didactical approaches.

Findings and outputs

BizMOOC benefits businesses, HEIs, teachers, learners and policymakers through the core results MOOC BOOK (business & quality models, methods & tools, IPR strategies, certification, competence-based education etc.); three Pilot MOOCs; a BizMOOC community, and events.

Project impact

A European framework of standards for MOOCs; rolling out MOOCs in regions and sectors where there are none; bringing together Business and Higher Education to develop educational measures for the acquisition of lifelong learning key competences.


MOOC, business, society, labour force, Europe, Higher Education, lifelong learning

People involved

Professor Martin Weller is the Project Lead for the OU.

Sarah Bridgman is Researcher/Manager.

Other members of IET will also be involved during the course of the project.

Project partners

Partner institutions: FH JOANNEUM Graz (AT), Open University (UK), University de Alicante (ES), Burgas Free University (BG), University of Economics Krakow (PL), AVL List GmbH (AT), iversity GmbH (DE), DIDA srl (IT), Košice IT Valley (SK), The National Unions of Students in Europe (BE), EADTU (NL)


Co-funded by the Erasmas+ Programme of the European Union

Start date and duration

1st January 2016 – 31st December 2018

Research & Innovation