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Global OER Graduate Network (GO-GN)

The Global OER Graduate Network is a network of PhD candidates around the world who are conducting their doctoral research on an aspect of open education.

The aims of GO-GN are:

  • To raise the profile of research into open education
  • To support those conducting their PhD studies in this area
  • To develop openness as a process of research

GO-GN works towards not only connecting and supporting PhD researchers but also establishing a community of practice. With the aim of promoting interaction and a sense of belonging, and encouraging diversity and collaboration, we engage in the following activities:

  1. An annual face-to-face seminar where students have the chance to present their work, receive feedback from peers and experts, and explore together what it means to be an open researcher and how research can be conducted in the open.
  2. A monthly webinar is hosted on the first Wednesday of every month, where PhD candidates and established researchers present and discuss their work. These webinars are recorded and represent an opportunity for all interested in open education to keep abreast of current initiatives and research.
  3. Active collaboration with other networks, such as the ICDE Global Doctoral Consortium, with whom we share a focus of study (online, open, flexible and technology enhanced learning and open education) and the practice of doing online and open research.
  4. An active presence on social media, especially Twitter (@GOGN_OER, #GO_GN).

Our website ( acts as a hub for the network, containing outputs by our members demonstrating the growing research field, and researcher resources produced or assembled by the community, for use by all.

GO-GN is funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Project team members:

  • Prof Martin Weller
  • Dr Beatriz de los Arcos
  • Dr Rob Farrow
  • Natalie Eggleston

Contact name and email address:

Dr Beatriz de los Arcos

Research & Innovation