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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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Desmond MacCarthy


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Desmond MacCarthy : lecture on Sir Leslie Stephen

Monday 1 June 1937: 'I should make a note of Desmond [MacCarthy]'s queer burst of intimacy the other evening [...] last Tuesday, that is; [he] read us his L[eslie]. S[tephen]. lecture, a rather laboured but honest but perfunctory lecture: after which he & I sitting in the twilight with the door open, L[eonard]. [Woolf] coming in & out, discussed his shyness: he says he thinks it made him uncreative.'

Century: 1900-1945     Reader/Listener/Group: Desmond MacCarthy      


Desmond MacCarthy : Drama

Thursday 9 January 1941: 'Desmond's book has come. Dipping I find it small beer. Too Irish, too confidential, too sloppy & depending upon the charm of the Irish voice. Yet I've only dipped, I say to quiet my critical conscience, which wont let me define things so easily.'

Century: 1900-1945     Reader/Listener/Group: Virginia Woolf      Print: Book


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