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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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Edward Marsh


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Sir Edward Marsh : A Number of People

Wednesday 22 March 1939: 'Reading Eddie Marsh.'

Century: 1900-1945     Reader/Listener/Group: Virginia Woolf      Print: Book


Edward Marsh : Georgian Poetry

‘Well, here I am, and a soldier … to go to Northampton on Monday for the First Reserve … Tonight I have been reading the Georgian Poetry Book, and it is this that made me write to you … I found myself remembering old things, old times together as I read “Biography” and it brought you very near.’

Century: 1900-1945     Reader/Listener/Group: Ivor Bertie Gurney      Print: Book


Edward Marsh : Georgian Poetry 1916-1917

‘I have been in topsy turveydom since I last saw you and have not been able to write. Even now it is in the extremest difficulties that I’m writing this. I wanted to talk about the Georgian Book which I had sent over to me but have not had time to more than glance through. I liked J. C. Squire’s poem about the “House” enormously and all his other poems. [W. J.] Turner’s are very beautiful and Sassoon has power. Masefield seemed rather commonplace, but please don’t take my jud[ge]ment at anything because I have hardly looked at them. I am back in the trenches which are terrible now. We spend most of our time pulling each other out of the mud. I am not fit at all now and am more in the way than any use. You see I appear in excellent health and a doctor will make no distinction between health and strength. I am not strong.’

Century: 1900-1945     Reader/Listener/Group: Isaac Rosenberg      Print: Book


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