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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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John Maynard Keynes


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John Maynard Keynes : The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money

'I am busy also getting through the Keynes book, and chuckling over the fact that he wrote this book to make clear that Cambridge and London were a bit archaic as to the fundamentals of their economics. I stood for an hour arguing the main thesis (of course not worked out) with Harold one night at Euston. He had to walk home to Battersea Park in consequence. A year or so before I had covered reams with letters of vituperation against Prof: Pigou, till Stanley became furious ? also on the point. I don?t think it should need so large a book to get it over, I am also going to read Dodsworth when Gerry isn?t looking.'

Century: 1900-1945     Reader/Listener/Group: Winifred Agnes Moore      Print: Book


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