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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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James Leslie Mitchell


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James Leslie Mitchell : Hanno, or, The future of exploration

'Meeting held at 7 Marlborough Avenue 22/10/45
Arnold G. Joselin in the chair

1. The minutes of the previous meeting were read & signed.


3. Dr Taylor read from Kingdon Ward’s Modern Exploration giving us some idea of the History of Exploration. Early man was immobile. Exploration has kept step with Civilization. Exploration of the Earths surface is nearly finished, now we go either up or down.

4. We adjourned for refreshment.

5. H. R. Smith read Smythe’s account of his singlehanded assault on the Everest on the Everest summit.

6. Elsie Harrod from Gino Watkins by J M Scott first the description of suitable diet for Greenland and second an account of travel over the Greenland Icecap. Very Vivid.

7. Cyril Langford read from Hanno [half-emended, correctly, to ‘Hanno’] by J. Leslie Mitchell on the ideas of what the earth is like deep beneath our feet. We got a picture of a vast Hollow echoing caverns & great underground seas.

8. Thos Hopkins read extracts from Richard Bird [sic] in the Antarctic all alone being slowly poisoned by Carbon Monoxide the fumes from his stove slowly escaping a very introspective depressing story. Taking the evening as a whole it was perhaps felt that there was rather a lot of physchology [sic] stirred into the adventures.

[signed as a true record by] A. Austin Miller 28.XI.45 [at the club meeting held at 67 Eastern Avenue: see Minute Book, p. 44.]'

Century: 1900-1945     Reader/Listener/Group: Cyril Langford      Print: Book


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