Digital Humanities

After PVC Alan Bassindale opened this colloquium on 8th July and John Wolffe welcomed everybody there was a keynote contribution from John Corrigan of Florida State University. He spoke on ‘Digital technologies and the spatial humanities’. See here. There were many presentations from staff from all over the University, and beyond, at the Digital Humanities colloquium and many distinctive and fascinating speakers. This colloquium is part of a wider debate about the impact of access todigital records and sources for thestudy of the Humanities. For example some academics at Kingston fear that archive data on commercial websites tend to be geared to family history rather than other research.Building on some research by Andy Northedge and by Rachel Garnham I spoke about the teaching materials that the OU presented via BBC television. Perhaps because my presentation included screen shots from OU tele of yesteryear, including some of hirsute academicsit appeared to go down well. Oxford University’s Sebastian Rahtz tweeted the below:

rahtzSebastian Rahtz: Digitising old OU teaching material, now that’s fun. #dighumou 

Follow the hashtag to see comments on other presentations or try here,  There is also a blog about Digital Humanities at the OU, here.  It was the last day of working for the OU for Linda Wilkes, a central figure in the organising of this event. Bye Linda and thanks for all your efforts.


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