The first degree ceremony

Yesterday’s degree ceremony at Milton Keynes Theatre marked the end of the summer season of cermonies across Britain and Ireland which saw 6,000 or so graduates celebrating their success. Meanwhile, today marks the anniversary of the very first degree ceremony.

This was held on 23 June 1973 at Alexandra Palace for the 900 students who had graduated at the end of 1972 after two years of study due to credit exemptions. It was broadcast live on BBC2. Among the first honorary graduates were Jennie Lee, Michael Young, Jock Campbell, Chairman of the Milton Keynes Development Corporation and Hugh Greene, Director General of the BBC.

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  1. Paul Kendall Says:

    I well remember being present at the OU’s first Degree Ceremony, and the impressive effect made by the ‘Fanfare for the Common Man in those echoing spaces. It was a prestigious occasion for the OU, and indeed for the BBC, and Hugh Carleton Greene and Huw Weldon made a particularly impressive pair in the very long procession. Although then working for the OU in Newcastle (Region 9) it was thought (erroneously as it happened) that I might help organise the region’s first ceremony in early 74 and hence I was given a ticket to attend.

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