I’m contributing a paper about the history of the OU at this conference this week. There are a number of relevant strands and papers.  In addition to being the location for the social sciences history conference Chicago is where Al Capone committed crimes and where the adventures of the 1990s science fiction animation series  ‘Biker Mice from Mars’  occured.

However, my research will be centred on archives where papers relating to Harold Wilson and the ideas of a ‘University of the Air’ are lodged.  It should be a fascinating and useful experience  even if this focus fails to impress my nephew, a Biker Mice fan.

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  1. Luke Owen Says:

    Hi Dan

    I’d like to find out about the historical context that gave rise to the OU as part of a project I’m developing on large scale innovation in the public services.

    Would it be possible to share your paper and would you be interested in meeting up?

    Best, Luke

  2. Dan Weinbren Says:

    The paper is available from me. It was well-received in Chicago and I heard a number of other contributions of relevance. For example, Melissa Kelley presented a paper about perspectives on East German women and higher education.

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