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A walk through Aspley Guise

For several years I’ve walked at first both my daughters, and then just my youngest daughter, to school in Aspley Guise. With a new school in September those journeys will end, so we have photographed the route, recording the biota we have encountered. The journey starts from our front garden, with beech, hazel, and hawthorn […]

Postdoc position in SL2-tilings

The Open University is recruiting a postdoctoral research associate to work on my EPSRC funded project The Farey framework for SL2-tilings. You can apply for it from the following link. Postdoctoral Research Associate – The Farey framework for SL2-tilings It starts on 1 July 2022 and lasts three years. Some background to the project can […]

Rewilding Britain

I recommend this short video for the vision of Rewilding Britain.

Royal Institution Masterclass

Many thanks to those who attended today’s Royal Institution Masterclass on Navigating by numbers, which I hosted together with Margaret Stanier. The desmos activities will remain active for a couple of weeks yet, available at https://student.desmos.com/join/8k8baa. Here are the slides from the masterclass.

Maths Week Scotland

Thank you to those who joined Andrew and me tonight for the Navigating by numbers online workshop as part of Maths Week Scotland. Here’s the abstract for the workshop: Our exploration will take us from intriguing frieze patterns of numbers, through triangulated polygons and repeated fractions, to a beautiful infinite tessellation with remarkable properties. Along […]

The mathematics of dessins d’enfants

I had the pleasure today of delivering a workshop in Belfast on The mathematics of dessins d’enfants as part of the Northern Ireland Science Festival 2020. This workshop explored some of the more geometric aspects of the Navigating by Numbers outreach programme. The abstract sums it up: The workshop will be an interactive exploration of […]

Navigating by numbers

Today marks the launch of the Navigating by numbers outreach programme. The purpose of this programme is to communicate an attractive array of mathematical ideas centred on the Farey graph to as wide an audience as possible – from school learners to academic researchers. My PhD student Margaret Stanier and I launched the programme with an […]

International Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion’s International Rebellion begins today in London. Please support them! I will join them later in the week. The environmental collapse of the Earth is summed up well by the first lines of David Wallace-Wells The Uninhabitable Earth: It is worse, much worse, than you think. The slowness of climate change is a fairy tale, […]

Swifts return

Swifts returned to Woburn Sands today, just two so far. One house martin flying around as well.

Wilding, by Isabella Tree

This is a wonderful, inspiring book of wilding at the Knepp Estate in West Sussex. The author and her husband own a few thousand of acres of land around Knepp Castle, which until twenty years ago was heavily farmed. In the early 2000s, however, they began giving up parts of the land to wildlife. Following […]