photograph of the cover of the Wellington Arch Occurrence Book

Refused Charge Books

The Refused Charge Book is used for specific charges made by the police or private persons and where the charge is subsequently dropped.

It has been stated elsewhere that these books can provide evidence of divisional boundary changes implemented at various times.

For example, Chingford station transferred from N (Islington) Division to J (Hackney) Division in 1933; the Isle of Dogs station became part of H (Whitechapel) Division in 1934; in 1862 Southgate station was part of N (Islington) Division, by 1866 it was in Y (Highgate) Division and from 1934 it was part of Y (Wood Green) Division.

In some cases there was a change of divisional name even though the divisional letter remained the same: After 1935 V Division was named as Putney Division whereas before that time it was known as Wandsworth. Similarly Y Division started out as Highgate but from c. 1934 was known as Wood Green.


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