Creativity in a digital age – Can we replace crayons?


COVID-19 has flipped the academic world on its head. We’ve moved from face-to-face interactions to engaging via a screen. What then, does this mean for creative research methods? How can we engage in creativity through this new digital landscape?

In this presentation, we will explore together what creativity truly means and how we can create creative spaces in which to research in through a digital age.

Please bring paper, pens and an open mind to this session.


Speaker bio:

Dr Jessica Carr is the Postdoctoral Researcher for OpenTEL at the Open University. With a focus on inclusivity and creative methods, Jess engages with the learning-disabled community to create research that is made in collaboration. A proud cat lady, Jess uses her love for all creatures and humanity to motivate her practice. ‘Believe there is good in the world. Be the good’.

Twitter: @JessCarr93

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