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Abolish the REF and TEF

Writing in Times Higher Education, Dorothy Bishop makes a strong case for abolishing the REF and the TEF https://www.timeshighereducation.com/blog/now-good-time-uk-ditch-ref-and-tef I fully endorse this proposal. The REF consumes huge amounts of University resources to obtain what could be achieved more simply by other means. I have less experience with the TEF; Dorothy describes it as “far […]

International Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion’s International Rebellion begins today in London. Please support them! I will join them later in the week. You can support them financially too. E and I have committed to £50 per month.

Extinction Rebellion

The future of the planet is bleak. The Earth and its environment are like a body suffering multiple organ failure, and the brain is pretending that it isn’t happening. The only hope is for immediate, radical action. I urge you to back Extinction Rebellion. No other group offers a response appropriate to the circumstances. Extinction […]

Swifts return

Swifts returned to Woburn Sands today, just two so far. One house martin flying around as well.

Wilding, by Isabella Tree

This is a wonderful, inspiring book of wilding at the Knepp Estate in West Sussex. The author and her husband own a few thousand of acres of land around Knepp Castle, which until twenty years ago was heavily farmed. In the early 2000s, however, they began giving up parts of the land to wildlife. Following […]

UK-wide climate emergency

Caroline Lucas (MP for the Green Party) tabled a motion to the UK parliament on the 13 March to recognise that the world has a climate emergency. The motion proposes that the government introduces a new green deal to radically reduce the production of greenhouse gases. The motion is here – UK-wide climate emergency. It […]

Red admiral

First butterfly of the year, by the River Ouzel. Apparently small tortoiseshell, brimstone, and painted lady are also out in places (they all hibernate). Song thrushes are singing at the OU, which seems odd, early.

RSPB Minsmere

Over new year we visited RSPB Minsmere, one of the finest bird reserves in England. North and south of it are other outstanding reserves, owned by the National Trust, Natural England, and EDF Energy (Sizewell nuclear power plants are nearby). A highlight for me was a group of bearded tits, plucking at reed heads, in […]

M337 Complex analysis finished

In my pigeon-hole this morning were printed copies of the final three books of  the Open University module M337 Complex analysis. They look beautiful, and I am delighted. It has required a huge amount of effort over the past couple of years. I look forward to moving down a gear, and perhaps even doing some […]

Quotation of Paul Painlevé

For production of an Open University text, I have spent a long time researching the origin of a quotation of Paul Painlevé. I include the details here in case they are of use to others. Some of the information about the quotation that I can find elsewhere on-line is incomplete or incorrect. The quotation is entre […]

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