Postdoc position in SL2-tilings

by Ian Short

The Open University is recruiting a postdoctoral research associate to work on my EPSRC funded project The Farey framework for SL2-tilings. You can apply for it from the following link.

Postdoctoral Research Associate – The Farey framework for SL2-tilings

It starts on 1 July 2022 and lasts three years. Some background to the project can be found on the EPSRC project page

Additionally, the following paper gives some of the mathematics underpinning the project.

That paper explores SL2-tilings over the integers using the  Farey complex in the hyperbolic plane. Part of the project will involve Farey complexes for other rings, such as the Farey complexes for the four unital commutative rings of order four, shown below (click on the image for a clearer version).

I welcome queries!

My thanks to the EPSRC reviewers who supported the proposal making the project possible.