RE:FORM at FabLearn2016

We’ve been talking to people about the RE:FORM project. We were invited to FabLearn Europe 2016, in Preston (UK) and Mark Gaved presented a paper “Online distributed prototyping through a university-makerspace collaboration“.  This was a really interesting conference exploring how making can be part of education and took place at the main University of Central Lancashire campus. Mark met some great people, and even got to stitch his own LED embedded bookmark in a workshop! There were some great conversations and we hope to continue these as we look to develop our work and further explore how making might become part of distance education, and bridge between universities and makerspaces.

Gaved, MarkJowers, Iestyn; Dallison, Delphine; Elliott-Cirigottis, Gary; Rochead, Alan and Craig, Mark (2016). Online distributed prototyping through a university-makerspace collaboration. In: FabLearn Europe 2016, 19-20 June 2016, Preston, Lancashire, UK.

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