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Complaints and appeals

Complaints and Appeals Procedure

The Student Complaints and Appeals Procedures enable you to bring matters of concern about your learning experience or decisions relating to your access to learning or your learning experience to the attention of the University, and provides mechanisms through which those concerns may be resolved.

NOTE: If you are a disabled student and you would like to receive this procedure in an alternative format please contact the Student Casework Office. You should also contact the Student Casework Office if you wish to discuss any reasonable adjustments to these procedures to take into account your disability and any additional support you may need in raising and pursuing your complaint or appeal due to your disability.

Complaints and Appeals Procedure (Welsh)

Mae'r Gweithdrefnau Cwynion ac Apeliadau i Fyfyrwyr yn eich galluogi i dynnu sylw'r Brifysgol at faterion sy'n peri pryder o ran eich profiad dysgu neu benderfyniadau sy'n gysylltiedig â'ch mynediad at ddysgu neu'ch profiad dysgu, ac yn darparu dulliau o ddatrys y pryderon hynny.

NODER: Os ydych yn fyfyriwr anabl ac yn dymuno cael copi o'r weithdrefn hon mewn fformat amgen, cysylltwch â'r Swyddfa Gwaith Achos Myfyrwyr. Dylech hefyd gysylltu â'r Swyddfa Gwaith Achos Myfyrwyr os hoffech drafod unrhyw addasiadau rhesymol i'r gweithdrefnau hyn er mwyn ystyried eich anabledd ac unrhyw gymorth ychwanegol y gallai fod ei angen arnoch er mwyn codi a bwrw ymlaen â'ch cwyn neu'ch apêl oherwydd eich anabledd.

Procedure for Complaints about The OU Students Association (OUSA)

The procedure for any student who wishes to raise a complaint or concern about any aspect of OUSA’s operation or services is available from the ‘Download Resources’ area of the OUSA website

The procedure, required under Section 22 (m) of the Education Act 1994, for an independent person appointed by the Open University Council to investigate and report on complaints against OUSA, is set out in Section 5 of the Student Complaints and Appeals procedure.


Student Complaints about The Open University as a Credit Broker

OUSBA is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Open University and therefore the University is licensed with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a Credit Broker. This means we can introduce you to OUSBA. We must, however, do so responsibly and in accordance with the FCA regulations.  If you believe you have been misadvised or misled during the introduction to OUSBA then you should make a formal complaint using this procedure.