Judging Brexit – an ongoing series on things law and Brexit

The OU Law School is starting a series on Judging Brexit, where various academics from the Law School, and its sister faculty the Business School, have a conversation about all things legal and Brexit. Last week, Professor Simon Lee and Lecturer Simon Lavis had a chat about what the Supreme Court judgments mean for the UK’s constitutional arrangement, how to read Supreme Court judgments, and how referendums impact the constitutional settlement in the moment and over time.

These videos are primarily aimed at students of law but they are recorded with a broader audience in mind. They are there to inform and put recent events into the wider legal context. Brexit is a process; a process of re-shaping the law, of re-shaping politics, of re-shaping governance, and ultimately of re-shaping our identity as British, in our relation with the world and with each other.

And as a bonus, Prof. Simon Lee also has a chat with Dr Leslie Budd about some constitutional implications of Brexit and devolution.

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