2014 Conference

CALRG Annual Conference  – Day One – June 10 2014

Jennie Lee Building, Meeting Room 1

Session I
9:45-10:15 MOOCs, Learning Analytics and Higher Education: Perspectives on a recent study leave visit to the USA
Eileen Scanlon
10:15-10:45 Squaring the open circle: resolving the iron triangle and the interaction equivalence theorem
Andy Lane
10:45-11:15 Exploring digital scholarship in the context of openness and engagement
Richard Holliman, Ann Grand, Anne Adams and Trevor Collins
11:15-11:30 TEA/COFFEE
Session II
11:30-11:55 The OpenupEd quality label: benchmarks for MOOCs
Jon Rosewell
11:55-12:20 From theory to practice: can openness improve the quality of OER research?
Rebecca Pitt, Beatriz de-los-Arcos, Rob Farrow
12:20-12:45 Open Research into Open Education: The Role of Mapping and Curation
Rob Farrow
12:45-13:10 Strategies for Successful MOOC learning: The Voice from the World Record Breaker
Bernard Nkuyubwatsi
13:10-14:00 LUNCH
Session III
14:00-14:25 The role of feedback in the under-attainment of ethnic minority students: Evidence from distance education
John T.E. Richardson, Bethany Alden Rivers and Denise Whitelock
14:25-14:50 Evaluating serious experiences in games
Jo (Ioanna) Iacovides
14:50-15:15 Social media for informal minority language learning: exploring Welsh learners’  practices
Ann Jones
15:15-15:30 TEA/COFFEE
Session IV
15:30-15:55 What students want: designing learning to optimise engagement in digital literacy skills development
Ingrid Nix and Marion Hall
15:55-16:20 Recording online synchronous tutorials to support learning
Pauline Bloss, Elisabeth Clifford, Chris Niblett and Elke St.John
16:20-16:40 CLOSE

CALRG Annual Conference – Day Two  – June 11 2014

 Jennie Lee Building, Meeting Room 1

Session V
9:40-10:05 ‘nQuire-it’: The design and evaluation of a mission-based web platform for citizen inquiry science learning
Christothea Herodotou, Eloy Villasclaras- Fernández , Mike Sharples
10:05-10:30 3D Virtual Geology Field Trips: Opportunities and Limitations (more info)
Shailey Minocha, Sarah-Jane Davies, Brian Richardson and Tom Argles
10:30-10:55 Juxtalearn:  From Practice into Practice
Anne Adams and Gill Clough
10:55-11:15 TEA/COFFEE
Session VI
11:15-11:40 Citizen Inquiry: From rocks to clouds
Maria Aristeidou, Eileen Scanlon, Mike Sharples
11:40-12:05 Imagining TM351 – Virtual Machines and Interactive Notebooks
Tony Hirst
12:05-12:30 MASELTOV – mobile incidental learning services to support language learning and the social inclusion of recent immigrants
Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Eileen Scanlon, Ann Jones, Mark Gaved
12:30-12:55 Knowledge Transfer Partnership: Booktrust and the Open University
Natalia Kucirkova, Karen Littleton, Teresa Cremin and Laura Venning
12:55-14:00 LUNCH
Session VII
14:00-14:25 Flipped teachers’ views of the impact of open practices on students
Beatriz de los Arcos
14:25-14:50 The pedagogical design, user profile and evaluation of a Mobile app to teach beginners’ Chinese characters
Fernando Rosell-Aguilar and Kan Qian
14:50-15:15 Models of Disability, Models of Learning, Accessibility and Learning Technologies
Martyn Cooper
15:15-15:30 TEA/COFFEE
Session VIII
15:30-15:55 Computer-marked assessment as learning analytics
Sally Jordan
15:55-16:20 Open Essayist: Opening automatic support for students drafting summative essays
Denise Whitelock ,John Richardson, Debora Field, Stephen Pulman
16:20-16:45 Findings from a survey of undergraduate use of mobile devices for OU study
Simon Cross, Graham Healing, Mike Sharples
16:45-17:00 CLOSE

A link of the conference in the Cloudworks sites can be found here

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