Digitally supported math trails for extra-curricular learning

Nils Bucholtz, University of Cologne

Digitally supported math trails for extra-curricular learning

Math trails offer students the opportunity to experience the application of mathematics in extra-curricular learning. They take students on a guided tour through their city or school’s surroundings, where they solve different mathematical modelling problems by estimating, measuring and calculating sizes. My presentation is about students’ mobile learning when working with digital supported math trails in mathematics education. Ten groups of students from two mathematics classes in Oslo (11th Grade- aged 16) were video-recorded while completing math trails supported by the app Actionbound. This study uses qualitative, explorative methods from sociology to analyze students’ mobile learning, drawing on the narrative walk-in-real-time interview method, which was adapted for this study’s needs. Analysis of the math trail videos revealed different phases of the modelling processes and how mobile devices supported and scaffolded students’ mobile learning during their work on the trail.

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