Katy Jordan: Educational technology in low-income contexts: the focus of the EdTech Hub during Covid-19 and future directions

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Technology has the potential to help address the global learning crisis. However, a lack of evidence for policymakers and other decision makers about what is effective in different contexts is one of the reasons why that potential is not being realised. The activities of the EdTech Hub are intended to address this gap, through rigorous academic research and evidence-based advice about the potential to use technology to support education in low- and middle-income countries. The EdTech Hub is a large-scale, multi-year programme comprising a consortium of partners and funded by the FCDO, BMGF and World Bank. This presentation will introduce the work of the Hub, including the global challenges it hopes to address and our approach to research and innovation. It will draw upon examples from activities we have undertaken recently as part of our Covid-19 response, and outline key themes which will focus our activities looking ahead.


Dr Katy Jordan is a Research Associate within the Faculty of Education and Darwin College, at the University of Cambridge. Previously, she was based at the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University, first as a PhD student and then as a visiting research fellow, conducting research as part of a SRHE New Researcher Award. She has published over 25 articles in academic journals, on a range of topics including MOOCs, academic networks, open education and social media in higher education.

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