Writing a Four-Star Publication for the REF

Writing a Four-Star Publication for the REF

June 22nd 9.30-11.00

Presenters: Thea Herodotou, Jane Seale, Eileen Scanlon


In this workshop we will share our experiences of writing and reviewing four-star papers for the REF. In particular we will focus on one paper, written by Thea Herodotou, that was graded by the OU educational REF panel as four-star. Thea will share the story of how this paper was written and published. She will include experiences of responding to journal reviewer comments and highlight the particular areas of the paper that changed and improved over time with each iteration. Eileen and Jane will then share how they graded this paper for the 2021 REF and use the REF criteria to explain why this paper was graded as four-star by the OU education REF panel. This will be followed by opportunities to ask questions and for the audience to share their experiences of trying to write high quality ‘four-star’ publications.



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