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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning around the web

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This is the first of an occasional series rounding up interesting SoTL-related stories from around the web.

All of us who write about SoTL will find food for thought in Making Sense of Writing about Learning and Teaching (Healey, Matthews, and Cook-Sather, 2020). The authors of this open access book argue that we need to learn new ways of writing when we write about scholarship, and at the same time unlearn some of our disciplinary norms where these create barriers to inclusive communication.

The last year has seen many institutions try to get to grips with ‘pandemic pedagogy’, and this article considers the importance of inclusive design to keep students engaged when interactions are on screen rather than in person.

Staying with the subject of student engagement, Dr Jenny Scoles writes frankly about an unsuccessful intervention aimed at addressing student dissatisfaction with assignment feedback, and how students and teachers have very different perceptions of the role of feedback.

Over the past few years many universities have invested heavily in the production of MOOCS (massive open online courses), and the authors of this article explore how MOOCS can be embedded into module content, and the challenges of integrating them into face-to-face teaching.

And finally, from The Open University’s own Faculty of Business and Law scholarship blog, academic and barrister Jessica Giles proposes that interdisciplinarity might offer some answers to the question many of us have been asking ourselves in these turbulent times: how do I solve the worlds problems from my desk?

If you’ve come across any interesting online articles or blogs about SoTL do please post the links in the comments section below.

Heather Richardson Senior Lecturer, Staff Tutor & Deputy Director FASSTEST