About us

FASSTEST (FASS Teaching Excellence and Scholarship of Teaching) is the Centre for Scholarship and Innovation at The Open University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. By ‘scholarship’, we mean the scholarship of teaching and learning. This means that FASSTEST supports the critical, scholarly evaluation of approaches to teaching and learning in the Arts and Social Sciences with the aim of providing an evidence base for good practice in higher education.

FASSTEST is one of five Centres for Scholarship and Innovation that have been set up as part of the Open University’s Academic Strategy. These Centres form part of a renewed and reimagined focus, role and ambition for scholarship at the Open University.

Our blog will include posts from practitioners and researchers discussing issues and research findings relevant to teaching and learning in the Arts and Social Sciences in HE. Here at The Open University we can draw on particular expertise in online and distance education, and we are especially inspired by The Open University’s mission to be open to people, places, methods and ideas. We are committed to placing innovation at the heart of teaching and learning and to exploring new and better ways to inspire and enable learning, opening up higher education to all, regardless of background or circumstances.

We welcome blog posts from anyone with an interest in the scholarship of teaching and learning, particularly in the Arts and Social Sciences. If you are interested in contributing please get in touch with FASS-Scholarship@open.ac.uk with a title and brief description of what you would like to write about.

The FASSTEST team are:

Centre Director Stefanie Sinclair

Deputy Director Heather Richardson


        Centre Manager Mahlea Babjak


     Centre Support Assistant Claire Wedley


Arts & Humanities Scholarship Leads

Anna Plassart

 Astrid Voigt

Tracey Elder headshot

Psychology and Counselling Scholarship Lead Tracey Elder

Social Sciences & Global Studies Scholarship Lead Zoe Doye