What should the regions do?

Should the OU be more centralized? Zvi Friedman, who joined the OU in 1970 and was later the Senior Systems Analyst, thought it should:


Do we really need to maintain our regional offices in city centre splendour? Do many of us know how much our few thousand feet of Mayfair cost us? … What we need at the OU is not so much a senate and general assembly as a board of management… our decentralized management has enabled our regional offices to grow into grossly inflated parodies of a necessary regional function… large numbers of office staff would have nothing to do outside of seasonal peaks were it not for the ready inventiveness of many of our managers. Regional offices provide excellent examples. If each RO gave up trying to be an independent regional University they would indeed have very little to do.

Open House, 110, 29 August 1974.

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