The OU H818 ‘The Networked Practitioner’ Online Conference 2021

The 2021 conference took place on 11-15 February 2021.

The H818 ‘The Networked Practitioner’ online module was part of the MA Online and Distance Education programme run by the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at the Open University UK. This online conference was presented using the Open University’s Online Rooms, powered by Adobe Connect.

Each H818 student contributed a short presentation to the conference and there were 3 invited keynote presentations.

This page features the conference programme, which includes links to the abstracts and posters for each of the students’ presentations and keynotes, upon which you are invited to ask questions or make comments.


Access to the conference sessions was limited to H818 participants, MA ODE (and constituent module) students, alumni and staff, and IET and WELS staff.

Conference Programme

Session 1: Thursday 11th February (Times given are GMT)

Start Time End Time Speaker Presentation Title
09:00 09:30 Dr Tim Coughlan KEYNOTE: Designing inclusive and creative technologies for learningThis talk will introduce several technology enhanced learning projects which aimed to tackle barriers to learning for particular groups. These are used to illustrate and reflect on some underlying principles, such as the potential of facilitating small acts of creativity, and the importance of focusing on accessibility from the early stages of design.
09:30 09:45 Sarah Dalton Is there a need to help prospective nurses with work-related phobia?

Presentation Star Award winner!

09:45 10:00 Nicki Taverner Encouraging the formation of Communities of Practice in online learning
10:00 10:15 Machiko Ohta Knowledge Flow: Vertical to Horizontal: Exploring blended learning guidelines to turn a silent class into a workable Community of Practice
10:15 10:30 Frazer Ng’Oma

Transitioning from traditional teaching to online teaching: A Guide for teachers in developing countries (A case for Malawi)

Presentation Star Award winner!

10:30 10:45 BREAK
10:45 11:00 Levi Nwankwo

Assessment of Teacher Perception of the Affordances of Open Educational Resources in Education in Emergencies: A Case of Northeast Nigeria

11:00 11:15 Kerry Summers Total Physical Response (TPR) approach to language learning. Educatin’ through gesticulatin’. An open workshop for language teachers.  
11:15 11:30 Irene Hossack

Open Educational Practice: Using Virtual Spaces to Meet in a Book

11:30 11:45 Moses Mukasa The role of mobile learning in supporting Community Health Workers’ continuous learning: A case study of a Village Health Teams (VHT) training app
11:45 12:00 BREAK
12:00 12:15 Alison Gilmour Exploring the challenge of embedding wellbeing in the curriculum through open pedagogy.
12:15 12:30 Charles Zulu Supporting teacher continuing professional growth through MOOCs and OER: Participants’ experiences and user stories
12:30 12:45 Sarah Alcock

Beyond Academia: Joe Wicks “The Body Coach” – An Innovative and Commercial Open Education Practitioner

Presentation Star Award winner!

12:45 13:00 Adam Ford

Goldilocks and the Confused Parents

Presentation Star Award winner!

13:00 13:15 Anhha Chowdhury Authentic Learning in the Digital Age
13:15 13:30 Arjunan Arul

Session 2: Saturday 13th February (Times given are GMT)

Start Time End Time Speaker Presentation Title
13:00 13:30 Professor Martin Weller KEYNOTE: Metaphors of EdTech.
Exploring why metaphors are both a useful and potentially misleading way of thinking about educational technology. A number of metaphors will be proposed and analysed which demonstrate how metaphors can shape our thinking and help us view educational technology from different perspectives.
13:30 13:45 Declan Hurley

The Benefits of and the Barriers to Implementing Open Education as Reported by Science Educators. A Global Perspective.

13:45 14:00 Averil Armstrong

Connecting a dispersed faith community using Teams

14:00 14:15
14:15 14:30 McLean McIntosh Mobile Blogging – A Course For Educators

Presentation Star Award winner!

14:30 14:45 Dianne Johnson

The age of the flexible course: Implementing more flexible delivery modes for AAT courses in a UK Further Education College

14:45 15:00 BREAK
15:00 15:15 Clare Choak

OERs: Inclusion, diversity and culturally appropriate material

15:15 15:30 Jennifer Mattschey Using Open Educational Practices and Resources and Psychology: Barriers and how to overcome them
15:30 15:45 Kevin Watson

Openness in Education: Utilising Podcasting to provide quality Corporate Learning in the 3rd Sector in Scotland

Presentation Star Award winner!

15:45 16:00 Stephanie Akinwoya

Safe Space: A website for mental health education using OER

Presentation Star Award winner!

16:00 16:15 BREAK
16:15 16:30 Rebecca Hobbs Humour in eLearning: Making Sure Everyone Is In On The Joke

Presentation Star Award winner!

16:30 16:45 Nathalie Stirland Tinkering with Hybrid Apps to Develop Digital Competence in ACL
16:45 17:00 Alison Green

Scientific inquiry in secondary schools during the COVID-19 pandemic using the Arduino Science Journal app

17:00 17:15 Norma Judge

Counteracting “Fake News” in “Open Education”

17:15 17:30 Evan Flockhart

Learning from a Dystopian Environmental Future in Virtual Reality

Presentation Star Award winner!

Session 3: Monday 15th February (Times given are GMT)

Start Time End Time Speaker Presentation Title
18:30 19:00 Lorna Campbell KEYNOTE: Open for Good – open education and knowledge equity for all
This talk will provide a broad overview of the global open education movement, highlighting how open education and OER can improve access to open knowledge, widen participation, create new opportunities and help to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
19:00 19:15 Robin Wilkinson

Developing an E-Learning Community of Practice for the Ministry of Defence (MOD)

19:15 19:30 Elizabeth Mills Curating Open Education Resources for Pharmacist Clinical Decision Making
19:30 19:45 Mark Souter The Surviving Sociology Teaching Network
19:45 20:00 John Okewole

Awareness and Adoption of Open Education: A case study of Teacher Professional Development

20:00 20:15 BREAK
20:15 20:30 Brendan Clarke Challenging the Digital Divide For Adults experiencing Learning Disabilities
20:30 20:45 Hazel Church

A descriptive case study into the openness of three FutureLearn courses.

Presentation Star Award winner!

20:45 21:00 Alexandra Hayward Can we teach clinical skills virtually?
21:00 21:15 Vicky Devaney

A needle in a haystack: A curation of resources to exemplify flipped learning.

Presentation Star Award winner!

21:15 21:30 BREAK
21:30 21:45 Paul Shore

Evaluation of Open Educational Resources for use in Clinical Science Education: Towards a Medical School Policy on the use of Open Educational Resources

21:45 22:00 Helen Ghodbane Educational Escape
22:00 22:15 Olivia Rowland

The virtual biscuit tin: creating a community of practice for learning designers in lockdown

22:15 22:30 Rebecca Harnett Purls of wisdom.

Presentation Star Award winner!