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What do your results mean for your career?

If you’ve just received, or are about to receive, your module results there’s a lot to take in. You might be satisfied or you might be disappointed, or perhaps you’re not even sure what your results mean. Start by looking at the advice on Your module results, next steps. Next you might start thinking about […]

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Is your CV summer-ready?

As we head towards summer you might be looking ahead to your next career move, but has your CV has been in lockdown longer than you have? Or maybe you’re using it now more than ever but it’s not getting you the results you need? Here at Careers and Employability Services there’s lots of ways […]

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Your Lockdown Careers Kit

Planning life after lockdown? Your OU Careers and Employability Services team aims to get you shipshape and career confident, whether you’re unsure what to do next or adapting to ‘the new normal’. We’ve put together a package to put the care into careers: Five key resources to look up during lockdown: 1. Your Career Planning […]

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Spring clean your CV

The days are getting longer and Spring is in the air, so what better time to dust off your CV to review your skills, make that fresh start or take the next step in your career? We’ve got everything you need. An OU student recently said about our CV support: My adviser was brilliant. She […]

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Where will you meet your future?

OU law student Alexander was working in his retail job when a chance conversation with a customer – who happened to be a solicitor – kick-started his legal career. He said: I was looking for work experience and was not getting anywhere due to the highly competitive nature of law. The OU’s Careers and Employability […]

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Love your skills… unleash your potential

Love isn’t just about romance. Put your heart into discovering how valued you are and learn to love your skills… Know your skills to love your skills Loving your own skills takes passion, but also awareness. It can be hard to know our own skills, because we use them every day, often without even realising […]

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Not a 9 to 5 person? A portfolio career might work for you

It took me a while to realise that when you do something you enjoy, the career that follows will be a fulfilling one. Is the same old way of working getting you down? Want to put all your various skills to work? Fancy fitting work around your own personal rhythm? A portfolio career might be […]

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Your 2020 Vision: the year your future starts

A new year, a new decade, a new look at your career? Whether you’re exploring, developing or achieving your career aims, 2020 could be the year your future finally comes into focus. With lots of help on hand from the OU’s Careers and Employability Services, get #OUCareerConfident. “I should have got these guides earlier in […]

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Would you hire this elf?

Santa Claus is really busy and needs your help with some last-minute elf recruitment! Graduate elf Clover Figgy has sent her CV to the North Pole and eagerly awaits a response! Take a look at Clover’s CV (click on the image to view full page and zoom in). What’s your first impression? Recruiters spend less […]

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So, you want a job keeping your community safe?

For a lot of people, the first role that comes to mind when they think about protecting their community is Police Officer. This can be a great hands-on career if you have a strong sense of fairness and integrity, enjoy solving problems, and want to use your communication skills to help people. But there are […]

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