MA in Music taster course….

A873_1_frontOpenLearn have just published a free course that allows prospective students a taster of the Music MA. Entitled ‘An Introduction to Music Research’ the 16-hour course draws upon the content of both A873 (MA in Music Part 1) and A874 (MA in Music Part 2).

Although some allowances have been made to make the material suitable for public consumption (for instance, there are no links to OU library material, and certain audio and video could not be cleared), the free course nonetheless gives students an idea of what it’s like to study the MA in Music. It showcases the variety of digital resources and topics with which the degree engages, and also gives students an idea of some of the research skills they will develop as they work towards producing their own dissertation.

About Ben Winters

Ben Winters is a Senior Lecturer in Music.
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