Remembrance of Sounds Past

As musician in residence for St Mary and St Nicholas Littlemore (the church that John Henry Newman built), Honorary Associate Malcolm Atkins has been exploring the way the sound of the area has evolved and interviewing the elderly about the significant changes in their sound world and what that has meant to them. So much of our memory is visually based through the ubiquity of visual stimuli that we often forget what memories can be unlocked when we sit together and recall sound. We also tend to be less conscious of the way that sound impacts on our lives than we are of visual impact.

This film is one outcome of Malcolm’s work.  He is hoping to incorporate some debate on the significance of the materiality of sound and its material consequences in his teaching for A105 Voices Texts and Material Culture, where the potential link between the contemporary interest in material culture and interest in environmental and found sound is a fruitful area for debate.

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