A224 Inside music

Students completing a multi-disciplinary level 1 module often comment on how they have studied topics and subject areas that they would never normally have encountered and want to learn more about them. Music is one subject area that can inform and enrich the study of history, literature, art history and so on. If you have played an instrument or sung in a choir and are wondering about what module to take next, why not consider A224 Inside music? If you are already a performing musician, A224 will give you insights into a range of compositional techniques as applied to jazz, popular song and Western art music.

A224 Inside music is an introduction to the principles of music, in which you will learn how music ‘works’. You’ll begin by examining the fundamental elements of Western music and comparing them with those of other musical cultures (such as India). In later units you will develop a more detailed understanding of western rhythm, melody, harmony, polyphony, instrumentation, structure and form. You will learn how to use these elements in song composition and – by the end of the module – will have written a complete song with piano accompaniment, using Sibelius music notation software.

In order to write music, you will learn to use Sibelius music notation software. Some knowledge of musical notation is assumed, but only at around a level equivalent to ABRSM grade 3 theory.  If you lack this experience, open access preparatory material is available free online here and here . You will quickly move beyond this basic level though, and by the end of the module you will be able to understand quite complex musical concepts and to be able to apply them in writing music to given lyrics.

The module materials for A224 are extensive with three printed books containing the majority of the units, but you will also work through five songwriting units, which are online and include interactive exercises to build your theoretical and compositional skills. There are also books of scores, audio CDs, a DVD and a music notation software package (Sibelius First).

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