ConductIT is launched

This week saw the launch of ConductIT – an EU funded project to build an open access MOOC on conducting. As an ERASMUS+ strategic partnership, ConductIT will develop an innovative online and distance-learning approach to teaching a subject that is fundamentally practical. We in the OU music department will have a primarily advisory role, but OU students will ultimately benefit from being able to access the MOOC once it goes live in two years’ time. Any musician who has had to lead an ensemble, whether at the level of a local church choir, school wind band or even a semi-professional orchestra will be able to develop their knowledge and understanding of conducting from a theoretical, philosophical and practical point of view by studying the MOOC at their own pace.

The port of Stavanger, Norway


The launch meeting was hosted by the lead institute, the University of Stavanger, and was attended by representatives from all the partners in the project – the Royal Northern College of Music, the Universidade de Aveiro and the Open University music department. A ConductIT website will be available soon so that news about the project can be disseminated more widely. We are delighted to be part of this venture and we look forward to sharing its benefits with our global community of students as it develops over the next three years.


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