“Symphony” wins again….

To mark their 20th year, the Voice of the Listener & Viewer Awards for Excellence in Broadcasting have created a new VLV Multiplatform Award. The 2011 prize winner has been announced as Symphony – “for so interestingly and entertainingly exploring the classical symphony, from Haydn to Shostakovich, across BBC Radio 3, BBC Four and BBC Online.”

The series was produced as a collaboration between BBC4 television, the Open University Music Department (with Robert Samuels as lead academic), BBC Orchestras, Radio 3, and the BBC Symphony Orchestra Learning division. Essays on the associated website were contributed by OU music department members Robert Samuels, Fiona Richards, and Ben Winters.

The award was presented on 30 April 2012 as part of the VLV‘s Spring Conference.

About Ben Winters

Ben Winters is a Senior Lecturer in Music.
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  1. This is good to know, I really enjoyed the work and ersearch that had gone into the production for Symphony.

    It’s nice that cross-platform efforts are being recognised, I wonder, does this award relm into the mobile or tablet domain too, like in terms of mobile and ipad apps?

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