Building on Church History: The Church in London
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Resource Guide: About the Guide

This innovative and user-friendly online toolkit is for those who want to find out more about the history of the congregations and churches of the Church of England in London and the wider role of religion in the communities of the metropolis since the beginning of the nineteenth century. It has been developed by historians from The Open University and King’s College London and representatives of the Diocese of London and Lambeth Palace Library, and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

 The authors

The authors of the guide are: Professor John Wolffe (The Open University); Professor Arthur Burns (King’s College London); The Ven. Dr Archdeacon Bill Jacob; The Revd. Dr Neil Evans (Director of Professional Development for the Diocese of London); Declan Kelly (Director of Libraries, Archives, and Information Services for the National Institutions of the Church of England); Dr John Maiden (The Open University).  The authors own the copyright to the guide.


The aim of this guide is to stimulate interest and further research into the history of religion in London. We would be very interested to know about the ways in which it is used, so please leave feedback for us on the ways in which you do this. Please see our copyright statement below regarding the copying, distribution and adaption of the material. 


© The 2010 The Authors. The aim of this resource guide is to stimulate and enable further research into the history of religion in London. Whilst, except where otherwise indicated, the authors retain all rights to this material, limited sections of the guide may be copied and distributed in fair and reasonable ways for uses congruent with the author’s aims. Permission should always be sought if you would like to adapt the material in significant ways. If you are in any doubt as to whether your usage is in agreement with these terms, please seek permissions from the owners.



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