Innovations in Activity Data workshop 4 July 2011 The Open University, Milton Keynes

Innovations in Activity Data workshop

A one-day workshop aimed at Higher Education library services who are interested in practical applications of activity data, what can be collected, how it can be used, visualised and presented.  The workshop will be an opportunity to hear from library projects working on the JISC Activity Data programme and from practitioners working in this area.

Christodoulou meeting rooms, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes

4 July 2011

Free to attend.  Refreshments will be provided.


9.45am                 Registration

10.15am               Welcome and Introduction
Nicky Whitsed, Director of Library Services, The Open University

What activity data can you use?  Examples from JISC Activity Data programme

10.30am SALT project ‘Surfacing the Academic Long Tail ‘– MIMAS Joy Palmer, Janine Rigby

11.10am             Coffee break

11:30am RISE project ‘Recommendations Improve the Search Experience’ – Open University, Richard Nurse

12.10am               LIDP project ‘Library Impact Data Project’ – University of Huddersfield, David Pattern (via video)

12.50pm               Lunch break

How can you use the data?

1.50pm                 What are the challenges around activity data in libraries?

World Café style workshop exercise

What data?, How much?, Where is it?, How do you get at it?
– What to do with it?
– What are the challenges?

2.40pm                 How can you visualize activity data? Tony Hirst, Lecturer, Department of Communication and Systems, Open University

3.10pm                 Tea break

3.30pm                 Wrap-up session – JISC Activity Data Synthesis project, David Kay, Sero Consulting

4.00pm                 Close

Who should attend? Librarians, leaders and managers, practitioners, developers and advocates from academic libraries,  who want to understand the potential of activity data to shape, guide and improve services, to inform users and to deliver innovative new services.

Register by email to:

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