World Café table cloth diagrams

The ideas and comments which participants at the Innovations in Activity Data workshop scribbled so colourfully onto paper table cloths during the World Cafe activity have now been written up .

The images are as follows: (click on the image to see a full screen version of the image)

Diagram 1 from table 1: What data?

  • What data have you access to?
  • How much data – how many years?
  • Where is it?
  • How do you get access to it?
World Cafe table cloth diagram1

World Cafe table cloth diagram1

Diagram 2 from table 2: So I’ve collected this data what can I do with it?

  • Make recommendations?
  • Use for business intelligence?
  • Share it?
  • Your ideas about what you’d want to know
  • Who could it be aimed at?
World Cafe table cloth diagram2

World Cafe table cloth diagram2

Diagram 3 from table 3: What are the challenges?

  • Barriers to using it?
  • Data protection? Legal?
  • Skills? Time?
  • What’s the value/benefit
World Cafe table cloth diagram3

World Cafe table cloth diagram3

Diagram 4 is also from table 3. It is a sketch of Tony Hirst’s which didn’t quite fit and which I didn’t quite understand! I have drawn it exactly as he did (I think!).  

World Cafe table cloth diagram Tony Hirst

Tony Hirst's sketch on table 3

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