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Final blog post

What has RISE produced? A database based on EZProxy activity data, enhanced with bibliographic data from Crossref,  and containing terms used to search via the RISE interface. A web search interface to show recommendations to users searching the Ebsco Discovery … Continue reading

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Activity Data from Proxy logfiles

As we reach the end of the RISE project we are trying to summarise a lot of the things that we have learnt about the data and systems that we are using to help others who might look at emulating … Continue reading

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Technical Approaches

There are numerous technical challenges and milestones relating to the RISE project, this post will aim to address some of the most important aspects. Database Structure The database’s design is probably the most important aspect of the RISE Project’s development, … Continue reading

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Search focus groups

In parallel with the RISE project OU Library Services have been running an evaluation of the One-Stop search system now it has been in place for a few months.  So we’ve had a survey running and Duncan from our Learning and … Continue reading

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Open Recommender data

One of the aspirations of the RISE project is to be able to release the data in our recommendations database openly.  So we’ve been thinking recently about how we might go about that.  A critical step will be for us … Continue reading

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Recommendation types

RISE – Recommendation Types The RISE MyRecommendations search system is going to provide three types of recommendations: 1. Course-Based “People on your course(s) viewed” This type of recommendation is designed to show the user what people studying their module have viewed … Continue reading

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