Open Networking Laboratory
Started Dec 2017. Externally funded by UfI. Project team includes:
Karen Kear, Andrew Smith, Jon Rosewell, Helen Donelan, Allan Jones and Michel Wermelinger

Online group work: developing a shared website
Started January 2015. Project team: Helen Donelan and Karen Kear

Using OpenStudio in STEM learning
An eSTEeM project started November 2014. Project team: Elaine Thomas, Leonor Barroca, Karen Kear, Jon Rosewell and Helen Donelan

Using virtualisation as a skills development tool in a distance learning environment
Started May 2013. Project team: Helen Donelan, Andrew Smith and Patrick Wong.

Enhancing professional networking and engagement using social media
An eSTEeM project completed December 2014.
Project team: Helen Donelan

Enhancing the pedagogical experience of the Cisco Academy ‘CCNA’ for blind and visually impaired students.

Cisco Cyber grant funded activity to develop the Cisco teaching skills of staff at the Royal National College for the Blind, with the support of Curtin University (Perth, Australia). As well as supporting and mentoring the adaptation of CCNAv4 content for an in class experience. The project is being led by Andrew Smith.

Developing Apple iBook integration with the Cisco Academy Packet Tracer network simulator.

Based on multiuser research by Andrew Smith. KMI at the OU, lead by John Domingue and supported by EU FIRE/FORGE funding are developing a technical/pedagogical enhancement to the affordances offered by the iBook experience in the domain of Networking.

Creation of a social media pedagogy – ‘teaching by twitter’

Research into creating a valid interrelationship between social media output and taught content. The project is being led by Andrew Smith