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Welcome to eSTEeM

Open to challenges, exploring the frontiers of STEM education

eSTEeM brings together academics in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to promote innovation, scholarship and enterprise in open and distance learning.

Much of our work centres on the effective use of learning technologies at scale. Our portfolio of projects includes work on innovative assessment, technologies for STEM learning, supporting students and STEM engagement. We welcome partnerships and are already working with universities and other agencies both within and outside the UK.

Scholarship Shorts Series

The aim of this series is to showcase the activities, findings and impact of eSTEeM projects. Our first batch of videos highlight projects by Helen, Emma and Joe. Please click below to learn more.  
Helen Donelan Emma Rothero Joe Smith


Announcing the OpenSTEM Labs

Following the success of the OpenScience Laboratory, the concept is being broadened to embrace practical teaching in all aspects of STEM for the distance learning community. Through a STEM HEFCE Capital award, we have made a major investment in the provision of remotely accessible hardware for laboratory and exploratory studies ranging from electronics to chemical synthesis and from microscopes to telescopes. Students will be able to access the various instruments and other remote controlled resources virtually anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. The new facilities will be available to students studying Open University modules and may be available by subscription to other HEIs.
More details to follow soon.