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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

Reading Experience Database UK Historical image of readers

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n/a n/a
Nansen Fridtjof
Napier Charles
Napier Colonel W. F. P.
Napier Sir William Francis Patrick
Napier William
Napier William Francis Patrick
Nardi (probably) Jacopo
Nares Edward
Nares Robert
Nashe Thomas
Nassau senior
Naubert C B E
Naubert Christiane Benedicte Eugenie
Naylor Samuel
Nazianzen Gregory
Neale J. E.
Neale J.M.
Neale unknown
Neale William Johnson
Neander Augustus
Neander Joachim
Neander Johann August W.
Neckar Madame
Necker Jacques
Neele Henry
Nehru Jawaharlal
Neill A. S.
Nelson Horatio
Nelson Robert
Nesbit Edith
Neve Ernest Frederic
Nevinson H.W.
Nevinson Henry Woodd
New Brenda
Newbolt Henry
Newbolt Henry John
Newcastle Duchess of
Newman Francis William
Newman John Henry
Newman John Henry, Cardinal
Newman Thomas Henry
Newton Benjamin Wills
Newton Isaac
Newton John
Newton Sir Isaac
Newton Thomas
Niccolini Giovanni Battista
Nichol John Pringle
Nicholl John
Nicholls Beverley
Nicholls Robert
Nichols Beverley
Nichols John
Nichols Philip
Nichols Robert
Nichols Robert Malise Bowyer
Nichols unknown
Nicholson Basil
Nicholson John
Nicholson Kenneth
Nicholson Kenneth F.
Nicholson William
Nicolai Christoph Friedrich
Nicoll David John
Nicolson Benedict
Nicolson Harold
Nicolson Joseph
Nietzsche Friedrich
Nietzsche Friedrich Wilhelm
Nightingale Florence
Nisard Jean Marie Napol?on D?sir
Noble Mark
Noble Samuel
Nodier Charles
Noel Roden
Nonnus of Panopolis
Noon Talfourd Thomas
Nores Jason de
Norman Henry
Normanby Constantine Henry Phipps, 1st Marquis of
Normanby Constantine Henry Phipps, Lord
Norris Frank
Norris Harold
Norris John
North George
Norton Caroline
Norton Caroline Elizabeth Sarah
Norton Charles Eliot
Norton Edward Felix
Norton Grace
Norton Mrs
Nota Alberto
Noyes Alfred
Nussey Ellen
Nyren John

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