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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

Reading Experience Database UK Historical image of readers

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C..... G.I.
Cable (pseud.) Boyd
Cabrieres Henriette
Cady Harrison
Caesar Julius
Caine Hall
Caird Edward
Caird John
Calaber Quintus
Calderon de la Barca Pedro
Caldwell Anne
Calmet Augustin
Calthrop Dion Clayton
Calvin John
Cambridge Richard Owen
Camden William
Camerarius Rudolf Jakob
Camoens Luis Vaz de
Campan Jeanne Louise Henriette
Campan Jeanne Louise Henriette Genet
Campan Madame
Campbell Archibald
Campbell Donald
Campbell George
Campbell John
Campbell Malcolm
Campbell Olwen Ward
Campbell Thomas
Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll George
Campbell, Marquess of Lorne John Douglas Sutherland
Candler Edmund
Cannan Gilbert
Canning G
Canning George
Canning Stratford
Canterbury Bishop of
Capablanca José Raul
Cape Thomas
Capefigue Jean Baptise Honore Raymond
Capello Marco
Capper Benjamin Pitts
Capron Frederick Hugh
Capua Rinaldo di
Card Dr
Carey Henry
Carey Rosa Nouchette
Carey Thomas
Cargill Donald
Carleton George
Carleton Wiliam
Carleton William
Carlile Richard
Carlisle Frederick Howard, 5th Earl of
Carlisle Lady
Carlisle Richard
Carlo Gozzi
Carlyle Alexander
Carlyle Jane Welsh
Carlyle Jean
Carlyle John A.
Carlyle Joseph Dacre
Carlyle Margaret A.
Carlyle Thomas
Carmoly Eliakim
Carne John
Carnot Lazare N.M.
Carpenter Dr
Carpenter Dr
Carpenter Edward
Carpenter W. B.
Carpenter William B
Carpenter William B.
Carpenter William Benjamin
Carr E. H.
Carr John
Carr Philip
Carr Samuel
Carroll Lewis
Carroll (pseud.) Lewis
Carroll [pseud.] Lewis
Carter Elizabeth
Carter John
Carthill (= al-katil. pseud. C. Kennedy) A.
Cartwright Thomas
Cartwright William
Cary John
Casaubon (ed.) I.
Cassell John
Castellan A. L.
Casti Giambattista
Castieau John Buckley
Castiglione Baldassare
Castille (Boisgobey) Fortune Hippolyte Auguste
Castle Agnes
Castle Agnes and Egerton
Castle Edgar
Castle Edgar and Mignon
Castle Edward
Catchpool Corder
Cathcart Lord
Cather Willa
Catlow Agnes
Cave William
Cavendish George
Cavendish Lady Frederick
Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle Margaret
Caxton William
Cazotte Jacques
Cecil Lady Gwendolyn
Cecil Robert
Cellini Benvenuto
Cerceau Jean Antoine de
Cerceau Jean Antoine du
Cervantes Miguel
Cervantes Miguel de
Cevallos Don Pedro
Chaigneau William
Chalmers Alexander
Chalmers Dr
Chalmers Robert
Chalmers Thomas
Chamberlayne Edward
Chamberlayne William
Chambers Jessie
Chambers Robert
Chambers Robert W.
Chambers Sir William
Chambers William
Chambre Robert
Chandler Samuel
Channing Dr.
Channing W.E.
Channing William Ellery
Chapelain Jean
Chapman George
Chapman Guy
Chapone Hester
Chappe d'Auteroche Jean
Chardin Jean
Charles II King
Charlesworth Maria
Charteris Leslie
Chastellain G.
Chateaubriand Francois Rene de
Chateaubriand Francois-Rene de
Chateaubriand François-René, vicomte de
Chateauvieux J. Frederic Lullin de
Chatterton Thomas
Chaucer Geoffery
Chaucer Geoffrey
Chavis Denis
Cheape Harriette
Chekhov Anton
Chesney George
Chesney George T
Chesnut Mary Boykin
Chesterfield Lord
Chesterfield Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of
Chesterfield Philip Dormer Stanhope, Fourth Earl of
Chesterfield Philip Dorner Stanhope, Lord
Chesterfield Philip Stanhope, 3rd Earl of
Chesterfield Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of
Chesterton Cecil
Chesterton G. K.
Chesterton Gilbert Keith
Chevrillon Andre
Cheyne George
Cheyney Peter
Chiabrera Gabriello
Chiari Pietro
Child Francis James
Childers Erskine
Chillingworth William
Chiriol Valentine
Chorley H. F.
Chorley H.F.
Chorley Henry Fothergill
Christie Agatha
Chrysostom St
Chrysostom St John
Church Dean
Church Richard
Churchill Charles
Churchill Winston
Cibber Colley
Cibber Theophilus
Cicero Ben
Cicero Marcus Tullius
Clanvowe John
Clare John
Clarendon Edward Hyde
Clarendon Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of
Clarendon Edward Hyde, First Earl of
Claretie Jules
Clark Dr
Clark Kenneth
Clark Richard
Clark T. B.
Clarke Edward Daniel
Clarke Isabel Constance
Clarke Joseph
Clarke Marcus
Clarke Samuel
Clarke Samuel Clarke
Clarkson Catherine
Clarkson Thomas
Claudel Paul
Claudianus Claudius
Clayton Bishop
Clerk William
Clifford Hugh
Clifford Lucy
Clifford Mrs W. K.
Clifford W. Kingdom
Clifford William Kingdom
Clinton Henry Fynes
Clive Caroline
Clough Arthur Hugh
Clough Blanche
Clough Violet
Clutton-Brock Arthur
Cobb Chester Francis
Cobbett John
Cobbett William
Cocceius Johannes
Cockburn Alison
Cockburn Charlotte Trotter
Cockburn Henry Thomas
Cocker Edward
Cocks Lady Margaret
Cockton Henry
Cohen F.
Cohen Francis
Coke Edward
Coke Sir Edward
Cole Celia
Cole G.D.H.
Cole John
Cole Marjorie C.
Cole Miss
Cole Sir Henry
Cole Wilton
Colebrooke Sir George
Coleman Emily
Coleman George
Coleridge Derwent
Coleridge H. Nelson
Coleridge Hartley
Coleridge Henry Nelson
Coleridge John Taylor
Coleridge Mrs
Coleridge S.T.
Coleridge Samuel Taylor
Coleridge Sara
Colette Sidonie-Gabrielle
Collier John
Collingwood Cuthbert
Collingwood R.G.
Collingwood W.G.
Collins Anthony
Collins Arthur
Collins Charles
Collins Norman
Collins Wilkie
Collins William
Collins William Collins
Collins [John]
Colman George
Colquhon Patrick
Colquhoun Patrick
Colton Calvin
Colvin Sidney
Colvin Sydney
Combarieu Jules
Combe Dr
Combe George
Combe William
Commines Philippe de
Commines Philippe de la Clyle, sire de
Comparetti Domenico
Compton Piers
Comte Auguste
comte de Villiers de l'Isle-Adam Jean-Marie-Mathias-Philippe-Auguste
comte de Volney Constantin Francois de Chasseboeuf
Comtesse de Genlis Stephanie Felicite Ducrest de St Albin
Comtesse de Genlis Stéphanie Félicité Ducrest de St-Albin
Comtesse de Segur
Conan Doyle Arthur
Conan Doyle Arthur
Conan Doyle Sir Arthur
Conder Claude Reignier
Conder Eustace Rogers
Conder Josiah
Condorcet Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas Caritat, Marquis de
Condorcet [Jean-Antoine-Nicolas de Caritat, marquis de]
Congreve William
Connelly Marc
Connolly Cyril
Conrad Jessie
Conrad Joseph
Conscience Hendrik
Constable Archibald
Constable Frank Challice
Constable [ed.] Archibald
Constant Benjamin
Constant de Rebecque Benjamin
Constant de Rebecque Henri-Benjamin
Constant-de Rebecque Henri-Benjamin
Contant-d'Orville Andre-Guillaume
Converse Florence
Conway Hugh
Conway Moncure Daniel
Conyer Dorothy
Cook Edward
Cook Edward Tyas
Cook Eliza
Cook James
Cooke George Frederick
Coolidge Susan
Coolidge Susan M.
Coombe William
Cooper Anthony Ashley
Cooper Edward
Cooper Fennimore
Cooper James Fenimore
Cooper John J.
Cooper John James
Copeau Jacques
Copeau (and Jean Croue, after Fyodor Dostoievski Jacques
Copleston Edward
Corbett Richard
Corbett-Smith Arthur
Cordemoy L.G. de
Corder Percy
Corelli Marie
Corneille Pierre
Cornford F. M.
Cornford Frances Crofts
Cornford Francis
Cornwall Barry
Cornwall [pseud.] Barry
Corraro Angelo
Corry John
Cortes Hernan
Coryat Thomas
Costantin Julien-Noel
Cotes Mrs Everard
Cottin Marie "Sophie"
Cottin Mme Marie-Sophie
Cottin Sophie
Cottin Sophie Ristaud
Cottle Amos
Cottle Amos Simon
Cottle Joseph
Cotton Charles
Cotton Robert
Cotton Sir Robert
Cotton (The Elder) Nathaniel
Count Rumford Benjamin Thomson
Courier Paul Louis
Courier Paul-Louis
Cousin Victor
Couvray Jean Baptiste Louvet de
Coventry Henry
Coventry Sir William
Coward Noel
Cowley Abraham
Cowley Hannah
Cowley John Lodge
Cowper William
Cox George
Coxe Henry
Coxe William
Crabb Robinson Henry
Crabbe George
Crabe George
Craig J. H.
Craig J.H.
Craigie Pearl Mary Theresa
Craik Dinah
Craik George L.
Craik George Lillie
Crake A.D.
Cramb John Adam
Cran Marion
Crane Stephen
Cranmer-Byng L.[Lancelot]
Craven Elizabeth, Lady
Craven Pauline Marie Armande Aglaé
Craven Walter Arthur Keppel
Crawford F. Marion
Crawford Francis Marion
Crawford Marion
Creed John
Creevey Thomas
Crisp Stephen
Cristall Ann Batten
Croce Benedetto
Crockett Samuel Rutherford
Croft Herbert
Croker Bithia M.
Croker John Wilson
Croker T. Crofton
Croker Thomas Crofton
Croly George
Croly Rev. George
Cromek R.H.
Cromek Robert Hartley
Cromek [editor of vol] Robert Hartley
Crompton Richmal
Cromwell Oliver
Cronin A.J.
Cronin Archibald Joseph
Crooke Helkiah
Cross Mary Finlay
Cross Norman
Cross Thomas
Crossley James
Crowe Catherine
Crowe [Mrs]
Crowther Dr
Crump J. G.
Crusius Gottlieb Christian
Culpeper Nicholas
Cumberland Richard
Cumberland (pseud.)Charles Frederick Kenyon Gerald
Cumming, M.D. William Fullerton
Cummins Maria Susanna
Cunningham Allan
Cunningham Peter
Cunninghame Graham Gabriela
Cunninghame Graham R.(Robert) B.(Bontine)
Cunninghame Graham Robert Bontine
Cuoco Vincenzo
Curie Eve
Curie Paul Etienne François Gustave
Curie Paul Etienne François Gustave
Curle Richard
Curle [writing as 'John Blunt'] Richard
Curran W.H.
Currie Dr
Currie James
Curtis A.C
Curtis John
Curwen John
Curzon Robert
Cuthbertson Catherine
Cuvier Georges

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