New CALRG season, 2015-2016 – kick-off on 8 October

We celebrate the start of the new CALRG season with a welcome session on 8 October 2015, 11am-12pm in Meeting Room 1, Jennie Lee Building.

This session will introduce all those new to CALRG (including our new PhD and MRes students) what CALRG is, its history, its activities – including the summer conference – and what people will get out of being part of the CALRG community.

The event is being hosted by the CALRG organising committee and will also feature a presentation by Regius Prof. Eileen Scanlon about the 35-year history of CALRG.

2 thoughts on “New CALRG season, 2015-2016 – kick-off on 8 October

  1. Katy

    Very interested in the lightning talks tomorrow (particularly as I’ve been in the thick of data collection recently – so an update would be timely!) but can’t make it to campus on Thursdays. Will the talks be streamed/recorded or slides made available? Thanks 🙂

    1. Liz FitzGerald

      Hi Katy, yes the slides will be available for the lightning talks tomorrow, after the session. We’ll upload them to the event post on this website.
      We don’t tend to record or stream these Building Knowledge sessions but the seminars at the start of each month can (and will, we hope) be recorded and/or streamed, with speakers’ permission.


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