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  1. Mike Johnson says:

    Hello All,

    Haven’t posted here before, because my main publishing output (grand word for the trickle I produce) is for children. However, in recent years I have had a fair bit of success having had poems in Key Stage 2 publications in China, Germany and the UK – and Ireland soon. I’ve also been published in a few anthologies, which you can read about in an interview with me at ‘Poetry Zone’ http://poetryzone.woodshed.co.uk/johnson1.htm.

    According to the ALCS, my poems have been used in many countries, including Finland, Canada and New Zealand – I’m global!

    I’ve won a couple of competitions, including the one I mention on this YOU TUBE broadcast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBAwx-K8pLY.

    I should also mention, here, that Corsham Poetry Society is playing host to the wonderful Rosemary Dun (OU CW tutor) on 12.2.13 7.30 at the Pound Arts Centre, Corsham – all welcome (only £2.00). Readings from the floor, too.

    I also got published in The Times a couple of years ago. Poem follows. Enjoy!


    Invisibility potions take
    time to prepare.
    When he looked in his mirror…
    ‘Yes! I’m not there.’

    He pulled off his pyjamas.
    ‘Now my fun can begin.’
    Ran straight to his school,
    in invisible skin.

    Once in the playground,
    tripped up his worst enemy;
    knocked a drink from the hand
    of ‘teacher’s pet’ Naomi.

    A bully he hated
    got shoved hard, in the back.
    Our invisible hero threw
    balls – landed, ‘Thwack!’

    All this time (with no clothes on),
    he’d grown colder and colder,
    but this merely made his plans
    bolder and bolder.

    Marched into assembly,
    stood beside the Headmaster
    (so thin is that line
    between triumph and disaster).

    The Head, with composure,
    gave one polite cough.
    Invisibility potions
    can quickly wear off…

    Mike Johnson

  2. Rob Mimpriss says:

    Dear colleagues

    You may be interested in my sequence of three related short-story collections — Reasoning, For His Warriors, and Prayer at the End — newly republished (Cockatrice, 2015) and reviewed in New Welsh Review here: http://www.newwelshreview.com/article.php?id=1093. I have taught A215 and A363 in Region 08 since 2006 and 2009 respectively.

    All best wishes

    Rob Mimpriss, PhD
    Member, The Welsh Academy

  3. Norrette says:

    Any chance of a blog post about the upcoming MA? We’re all stamping in the starting stalls on Facebook 🙂

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