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My Other Blog: Chris Powici

I seem to have gone blog-crazy and started another one. Maybe mildly blog-bitten would be a better description. Anyway, if you’re interested, my other blog can be found at  Strangely enough it’s about poetry and cycling, though I find … Continue reading

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update from Chris Powici

May was a strange, busy and enjoyable month. The strange side has largely consisted of weird fluctuations between summer and something resembling winter. Big winds have toppled a lot of trees hereabouts which gives the landscape a sort of dishevelled … Continue reading

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All-Action Radio Road Movie

The story of Kirkpatrick Macmillan, the inventor of the pedal cycle, is well known in Dumfriesshire, but he doesn’t seem to get due credit elsewhere. Time, I thought, to put the record straight, and give him his own radio play.  … Continue reading

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