My Other Blog: Chris Powici

I seem to have gone blog-crazy and started another one.

Mountain bike, minus poet, somewhere near Sheriffmuir

Maybe mildly blog-bitten would be a better description. Anyway, if you’re interested, my other blog can be found at  Strangely enough it’s about poetry and cycling, though I find it hard to believe there aren’t poets who don’t also cycle. Apparently Keats wouldn’t go anywhere unless by titanium-framed hardtail mountain bike.

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2 Responses to My Other Blog: Chris Powici

  1. Richard Dillon says:

    True, but wasn’t he on steroids?

    ps – could you leave a link to your new blog, please?

  2. Hi Chris Powici,

    I couldn’t find any poem of your blog. If you don’t mind, give me a link to your poem post. I want just to read your poem.


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