Day 2

09.30-10.05 Keynote 6:

Personal, group and organisational transformation – what can be learnt from systemic family therapy? Prof. Umberta Telfner

10.05-10.45 Panel 2:

Governing cybersystemically – innovations in praxis?

(i) Challenging the fundaments of praxis, Simon Ramirez Munoz,

(ii) Transdisciplinary System-Transformation ResearchProf. Maja Goepel


11.45-12.20 Panel 3:

The cybersystemic praxis demands of some governance innovations:

(i) “Cybersyn; Chile 1970-73, a vision for National Governance,” Prof. Raul Espejo, Director-General of the World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics:  Raul Espejo Hannover 2015

(ii) Taking a systemic design approach in the context of the Anthropocene, Prof. Luigi Bistagnino & Prof. Pier Paolo Peruccio

12.35-13.10 Panel 4:

Some contributions to transformation.

(i) The circular economy – James Greyson:

(ii) Initiatives with the Blue Economy – Prof. Tibor Kiss

14.10-14.45 Keynote 7:

Building cyber-systemics into policy and practiceDr. Gabriele Harrer

14.45 -15.20 Panel 5:

Constraints and opportunities in policy-praxis dynamics:

(i) How to shape policy using systems modelling, Prof. David Lane (Presentation not available:  Further information on the systems modelling work relating to Child Protection may be found at: this link.)

(ii) Building cybersystemic stakes in policy, research and consultancy? Dr. Louis Klein (no presentation, please use audio)

Plenary Table -based Reflections

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  1. admin says:

    Professor david lane offers the following further links to his work:

    * Further information on the systems modelling work relating to Child Protection may be found at:
    * For further information on the application of social theory to systems science see:

    Lane, D. C. and E. Husemann. 2008. Steering without Circe: Attending to reinforcing loops in social systems (2007 Jay Wright Forrester Award address). System Dynamics Review 24(1): 37-61.

    Lane, D. C. 2000. Should System Dynamics Be Described As A ‘Hard’ Or ‘Deterministic’ Systems Approach? Systems Research and Behavioral Science 17(1): 3-22.

    Lane, D. C. 1999. Social Theory and System Dynamics Practice. European Journal of Operational Research 113(3): 501-527.

    * For related publications see:

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