New Open Learn course: Historical Perspectives on Race

Co-led by Dr John Slight and Dr Sinead McEneaney, several colleagues have created this new free course on Open Learn, Historical Perspectives on Race.

FFE5AB SOUTH AFRICA: RIOTS, 1976. /nSign on a car in Cape Town during riots that followed the Soweto uprising against the apartheid system, 1976.

Race is not biological. It is a social construction. Yet we know that in our contemporary world and in history, this construction has real consequences. From enslavement and colonisation to resistance and revolution, the stories of people of colour are often left untold in accounts of the past. This free course, Historical perspectives on race, will introduce students to ideas and scholarship dealing with the construction of race, and help students to start exploring people’s lived experiences of race through a set of case studies from the late eighteenth century onwards.