Transcript: Planning the student journey

Key questions to ask

1 . Students

  • Who are your learners?
  • What is their starting point? What are the
    enablers and barriers to learning?
  • What outcomes do they need to achieve?
  • What will they do to learn?
  • How will you measure success?
2. Inclusion and diversity
  • What do you want the student experience to
  • How will you create a sense of belonging and bring students on a journey?
  • What opportunities will learners have to draw on and share their own experiences?
  • How will you embed wellbeing into the curriculum?
  • How can you offer flexibility and choice to learners in achieving outcomes and demonstrating their learning?

3. Skills development

  • What skills do students need to develop in order to learn effectively, build confidence and achieve their ambitions?
  • How will you contextualise and integrate skills into the curriculum?
  • What activities will enable students to develop and practise their skills, and prepare for assessment?
  • What activities will you include to enable students to make their own discoveries?
4. Learning community
  • How will you promote interactions with others and encourage learners to collaborate and find answers together?
  • How are collaborative activities structured, to aid the collaborative process and keep students motivated to complete them?
  • What support will students need before, during and after any collaborative activities or groupwork?
  • How can you build a supportive learning community on a shared journey?
5. Tools and technology
  • How will tools, technology and media be
  • What tools and technology are students already using?
  • Which tool or technology will serve your pedagogical purposes best?
  • How will you ensure the journey for students is smooth and avoids overload?

April 2021